Som Operations

100% managed and optimised operations

Optimise, reduce costs and management time and bring the management of incidents, tasks and maintenance in all your organisation's activities to another level with SOM Operations.

  • The automation of work orders based on incidents, necessity and resource availability according to location.
  • Reduce management costs and time and improve the efficiency of your projects.
  • Intelligent and anticipated (prediction-based) decision-making as required by the reality and needs of your business and assets.

The operations of these companies are managed with SOM Operations

Management of operations
and work orders

Intelligently manage your operations teams, assign and follow up on needs and resources automatically when necessary

Intelligent planner
with geolocation

Plan tasks for your team to perform and assign them based on the availability, skills, experience or location of each member of your team

On-site management of
interventions via mobile app

Record everything that happens in your interventions with the SOMoperations mobile app

Complete staff management

Collect all staff data in a clear, neat and easily accessible format. No more investing time in searching for this information

Logistical management

Control the life cycle, warranty and state of your assets and all the materials you handle on a daily basis

Control panels with
business intelligence

Make fast decisions for your business using dashboards accessible from any device and place

Who is SOM Operations for?


If you are a company working in the preventive and corrective maintenance of assets or facilities and you need to plan interventions that optimise resources and costs, connecting all your assets and obtaining smart information that allows you to react efficiently and in advance.


If you are a manufacturing company and you need to manage the maintenance of your assets, be they machines, staff members or resources of distribution. Now, more than ever, you will need an integrated, intelligent, and mobile solution, connected to all your devices, that allows you to understand the state of each resource and take the right measures to manage it.


If your company manages field technicians and you need to organise their activities, controlling routes, technical skills, training, resource availability, real-time location, details on the intervention, expense notes... and inform customers or third parties on the interventions, with specific reports according to the typology of service and customer.



Connect your other corporate services to enjoy the advantages of having the systems connected

We are an official Microsoft Partner

We put its robust and specialised technology at the service of your needs

On-the-ground experience brought to the most current technology

  • The SOM Operations platform is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the sphere of maintenance and operations management at Group Saltó.
  • A tool used and evolved in response to the real needs of our own field technicians. A real solution for real situations.


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