More and more companies are transitioning from manual management to digital management using computer programs that facilitate tasks for employees. These technological tools allow companies to save significant costs and improve traceability of all documentation and operational management. However, distinguishing between FSM and ERP can sometimes be challenging.

Moreover, when it comes to digital solutions, it’s important to note that there are infinite options, and not all of them serve the same purpose. Finding the best software for a company is often the most difficult task for executives. Distinguishing between FSM and ERP can sometimes be complicated.

What is FSM software?

Field Service Management software is a computer-based solution for managing field services. It is designed for field activities such as managing work orders for technicians, task tracking, asset control, and field operations.

This tool is ideal for companies that provide installation, maintenance and technical service, courier services, transportation, logistics, or field sales tracking.

Field service management software offers significant time savings, document traceability, task planning simplification, and activity tracking. However, the most important aspect is the seamless communication between the headquarters and field technicians.

What is ERP software?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” This software is designed to simplify administrative tasks and enterprise resource planning, including automation of accounting systems, inventory management, human resources, purchasing, and customer service.

It facilitates the work of administration and human resources departments in the internal management of the company and enables faster decision-making.

What is the difference between FSM and ERP software?

Often, these types of solutions are confused and lumped together, but there are many differences between them that can lead to disaster for your company.

FSM software is characteristic of managing technicians who work outside the company’s facilities, and the software program serves to connect these field technicians with the company. In other words, it optimizes the operational part and management of processes involving field technicians.

In contrast, ERP software focuses on the administrative side of things. It is more suitable for internal company operations and administrative and accounting management.

Are both software solutions compatible within the same company?

The answer is yes! Both are compatible and highly recommended for optimal management of your company. Through integration, you can digitize your services and enhance the customer experience.

The main advantage of integrating FSM with ERP is the complete digitization of the work cycle of a company with field technicians. This allows saving hundreds of hours per month by eliminating duplicated tasks and errors in data information.

With the integration of both software solutions, you can generate a work order in the ERP and automatically send it to the FSM for planning and assignment to your field technicians.

Conversely, technicians can close work orders and attach documentation that is automatically sent to the ERP software for subsequent accounting.

Conclusion: Comprehensive digitization of the company is possible with FSM and ERP software

Your company probably uses an ERP or an FSM, but perhaps the two are not integrated. Open up the path to complete digitization of your company and expand the horizons of your business.

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