The importance of Field Service Management software for your company

Due to the high level of business competition and market saturation, digitalisation is becoming more and more common in companies, as it improves competitiveness, optimises resources and builds customer loyalty.

Start by eliminating all the paper documents and manual processes that can be simplified and digitised.

Believe us when we tell you that the elimination of paper in all these processes can mean a cost saving of more than 25% of the total.

What is a Field Service Management software?

They are processors of business information and data from your business to facilitate decision making, operator control and asset management. Many of them have the ability to work in the cloud and facilitate the management of the business from anywhere and any device.

The software often links all departments in the organisation so that they are connected and have all the information they need in just a few clicks.

There are standard smart software models for all types of information. However, we recommend a customised application depending on the size of your company. It is not the same to manage 10 employees or 100, a service company or a construction company, a Pyme or a multinational.

As you know, each company is different and the software has to be adapted to the personalised needs of each one.


Add value to the product or service

With the implementation of Field Service Management software you add value to operations while facilitating the work of the operators, a true Win-Win.

Monitoring all field services, knowing the status of all work orders and geolocation of field technicians allows companies to improve their services and as a consequence, improve customer experience.

NOTE! With the software you do not replace people with machines, but you facilitate the tasks of control and decision making, reducing the time of action and allowing to focus attention on the most valuable tasks for the company.


Do you know the benefits of Field Service Management?

  1. Optimise control and traceability
    Implementing the software means that all activity is recorded, so you can review all scheduled work orders and know the progress of each task.
  2. Automate tasks
    You can resort to automatically schedule recurring tasks and manage work orders without any supervision or anyone to assign them.
  3. Adaptation to time and needs
    You can set objectives and KPIs that are easily adaptable to the company’s situation. It allows speed in the face of unforeseen events and facilitates decision-making thanks to the analysis of data in real time.
  4. Optimises process management
    The coherence, homogeneity of the data and interaction between the different areas of the company from a single tool, allows to improve the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) of the organisation.
  5. Reduces action times
    Having the company connected to the cloud makes it possible to review documentation, workflows or the workload of operators in real time, without having to ask superiors, customers or suppliers. This allows a huge time reduction and helps anticipation.
  6. Full control of workers
    The platform allows the registration of the working day, mandatory in Spain by Royal Decree 8/2019, which obliges ALL companies to register the working day individually. In addition, it facilitates the observation of the workload, the allocation of costs or the management of holidays and absences, in short, it can even become a communication channel between workers.
  7. Scalability
    It allows the company to grow in operations and turnover in an easy and sustainable way. Good intelligent software should meet current needs and have additional modules to be deployed or added at any time.
  8. Management in your pocket
    With the multi-device platform you can take the company anywhere in the world. Travel and visit customers without worrying about the company’s address. With a simple click you can analyse information and make decisions, wherever you are.


SOM, the custom Field Service Management software.

The SOM platform is an essential intelligent software for installation, repair and maintenance companies that need to optimise resources, minimise costs and have total control of the organisation’s management.

Companies are going digital and we want to help you in the process of change towards Industry 4.0.

We have a multidisciplinary team working to develop customised software according to the size of your company. Easy and useful to use and implement. SOM can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and any ERP.

We provide you with some help from the administration so that you can take advantage of it and make the change.

We recommend that you take advantage of the Digital Kit. Group Saltó is a digital agent and we offer solutions for process management, business intelligence and analytics and implementation of online cybersecurity services.

There are also subsidies from the TICCámaras programmes with grants of up to 85% and expert advice.

If you are a company located in Catalonia, you can get advice from our technical experts in Industry 4.0 accredited by ACCIÓ – Agència per la Competitivitat de l’Empresa.

Contact our experts now and discover all the possibilities of SOM software, developed by Group Saltó and designed for the SMEs of the future.